Welcome to suburbia story



Suburbia Story is a two piece rock/pop entity located through-out Chicago, IL. We strive to write the music we all grew up listening to with a modern twist. We aim to lyrically relate to our listeners and have been working hard to release continuous content for your enjoyment. Going on our second year, the band is gearing up to release it's sophomore EP this coming October. Welcome to chapter two. May this story be yours, as well as our own.


On July 23, 2017 Suburbia Story released our new single 'Kids'. This song is mainly about overcoming the growing pains most experience during their "quarter life crisis". There comes a time in life when you start living in the real world and begin to see things in a much more futuristic light. 'Kids' is a great reputation of what one might experience as they progress through the struggles of life.


Our sophomore EP, 'Serenity' is now available for digital download and stream everywhere. Mixed, mastered, and produced by Evan McKeever. Vocal production by Joey Vana. Artwork and design by Scott Cumming. 'Serenity' is the second installment in the Suburbia Story saga. This album is an inward journey through our past. 'Serenity' is a very personal EP. These songs were written in hopes that our listeners will be able to relate. We hope our music helps you as much as it helps us. Enjoy.


2000 Miles

by Suburbia Story

Mixed, mastered, produced by Evan McKeever at Savage Audio